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Northrop Test-Fires new solid rocket motor

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Northrop Grumman has announced the full-scale static test fire of its newly-developed solid rocket motor.

The trial is part of a campaign to develop and demonstrate advanced technologies that could soon be incorporated into space and defense programs.

During the trial at a company facility in Utah, the motor fired for half a minute, enough for Northrop to declare success.

The test is expected to further mature the system, leading to full-scale production and deployment.

About the Rocket Motor

According to the Virginia-based firm, the solid rocket motor features new technologies, including a low-cost propellant capable of operating across a wide range of temperatures.

It also has an additively manufactured titanium structure in the nozzle.

The manufacturer said everything in the new technology was manufactured and assembled in less than a year.

“We are designing and building the world’s largest and most advanced solid rocket motors, and we’re proving we can do so with shorter lead times, an expanded supply chain and increased agility for our customers,” Northrop vice president Wendy Williams said.

The company plans to simultaneously develop five new motors and expects to produce more by 2030.

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