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Palestine calls for end to ‘Israeli impunity’ in UNGA address

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Palestine’s U.N. envoy Riyad Mansour delivered a powerful address on Monday at the General Assembly, demanding an end to “Israeli impunity” and stating that achieving this goal would bring peace within reach.

Mansour emphasized the urgent need to stop providing arms to Israel and called for an end to arming the country.

“I repeat, stop arming Israel. All countries that have been providing Israel with weapons and ammunition to kill our children, women and Palestinian civilians,” said Mansour.

He urged the international community to cease trading with Israeli settlements and to “hold accountable those responsible for the massacres and colonization, not only individuals but also those at the highest level responsible for these illegal and inhumane policies.”

Mansour further stressed the absence of justice and peace, stating Palestine is repeatedly asked to choose between the two without receiving either.

“There is no path to peace with such injustice. End Israeli impunity and you will see that peace will finally be within our reach,” he added.

The Palestinian envoy questioned the U.N., asking, “How is it that the party colonizing and committing genocide can be a full member of this U.N. and the party committed to the rule of international law and just and lasting peace cannot?”

Noting that the U.N.’s mandate is governed by its charter and guided by international law, Mansour said: “Legislation that aims to deny us membership, to deny us justice, representation and the exercise of our inalienable rights on equal footing with all other nations is unjust.”

He affirmed Palestine’s rightful place among the community of nations, saying, “All we ask for is to take our rightful place among the community of nations.”

Russia’s veto

Russia’s first deputy envoy to the U.N., Dmitry Polyansky, commented on Moscow’s use of the veto on a draft resolution, saying it “clearly prevented the adoption of a draft resolution, which not only was not geared toward ending hostilities in Gaza but which essentially gave Israel carte blanche to continue its inhumane operations that ran counter to international humanitarian law in the Gaza Strip.”

He said that the draft resolution penned by the U.S. “not only did not contain a direct demand or even a call for a cease-fire, but this also effectively provided a unique license to continue to kill Palestinians.”

Polyansky referred to Security Council Resolution 2728 as a “glimmer of hope for everybody who condemned the ruthless annihilation by the Israelis with Israeli military machines as they receive weapons and munitions from the U.S.”

Resolution 2828 compels Israel to commit to a cease-fire in Gaza during Islam’s holy month of Ramadan. Fourteen countries of the 15-member council voted in favor of the resolution, while the U.S. abstained.

Echoing the Russian envoy, China’s deputy envoy to the U.N., Dai Bing, also expressed strong opposition to a U.S. draft resolution, asserting that it deviates from the consensus of Security Council members.

“The U.S. draft resolution deviates from the consensus of the members and U.N. to the expectations of the international community; if adopted, will mean that the killings in Gaza will continue,” he said.

End bloodshed in Gaza

He warned that the adoption of the resolution would perpetuate the killings in Gaza and continue violations of international law and humanitarian principles.

“China has no hesitation in exercising its veto against a draft resolution that will have such serious consequences. As a permanent member of the Security Council, China has stepped up to shoulder its responsibilities,” he added.

In his opening remarks, Dennis Francis, the president of the U.N. General Assembly, conveyed deep regret that the assembly has met again on the veto initiative “due to the perennial inability of the Security Council to speak with one voice on matters of grave importance and sensitivity about the maintenance of international peace and security.”

“With starvation spreading and increasing reports of the demise of children as a result, it is incumbent upon Israel to urgently and exponentially scale up, guarantee and maintain uninterrupted humanitarian access,” Francis said while urging “all those with leverage to do all in their power to end the bloodshed in Gaza now.”

Meanwhile, Türkiye’s deputy U.N. representative, Asli Guven, stressed Palestine’s right to full membership in the U.N. and equal treatment within the international community.

“This will allow the Palestinian people to realize their aspirations for statehood, sovereignty independence and lead to a just, comprehensive and lasting peace,” she said.

She also called for urgent action to resolve the conflict, including an immediate cease-fire, unhindered aid delivery, protection of UNRWA, cessation of forced displacement and a political solution based on the two-state vision.

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