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Patria Introduces Pan-European FAMOUS All-Terrain Armored Carrier

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Finnish defense firm Patria unveiled a prototype of its new, all-terrain armored personnel carrier (APC) during the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition in Paris.

A 15-ton armored vehicle, it boasts a payload capacity of 3.5 tons and can carry 12 military personnel, including two crew members.

It has an operational range of 600 kilometers (372 miles) and speeds reaching 88 kilometers (55 miles) per hour.

A special feature is its wide tracks that provide the capability to seamlessly move across snowy and marshy terrain.

The APC’s engine transmission compartment is positioned in the front, freeing up more space for additional armor or payloads.

The vehicle is expected to begin trials with the Finnish Defense Forces later this year.

Product of Pan-European Effort

The new APC was developed as part of the Future Highly Mobile Augmented Armored System (FAMOUS) program funded by the European Commission.

Led by Finland, the pan-European effort involves Latvia, Norway, Austria, Greece, Spain, France, Romania, and Denmark.

According to Patria, the initiative aims to improve the ground transport capabilities of European nations with a new tracked vehicle platform suitable for all kinds of operational environments.

“This new tracked vehicle will be a breakthrough; a modern cost-effective alternative for traditionally articulated vehicles and light tracked vehicles,” the firm said.

Apart from Patria, 34 other European companies are involved in the project, including Germany’s Diehl, France’s Arquus, Norway’s Kongsberg, and Spain’s Indra.

Abone Ol 

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Abone Ol 
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