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Philippines receives first Guarani APCs from Israel

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Elbit Systems has sent the first batch of Guarani 6×6 armored personnel carriers (APCs) to the Philippine Army.

The vehicles are part of a $46-million deal signed in 2020 to deliver 28 Guaranis to a then-undisclosed country in the Asia Pacific.

All five APCs made their first public appearance at a ceremony in Santa Lucia, Tarlac.

The vehicles will be used by the force’s Armor Division, providing operational readiness for a “world-class, multi-mission-ready, and cross-domain capable armor force.”

“Our goal is to establish a stronger armed force for a ‘newer Philippines,’” Philippine Army Commanding General Lt. Gen. Roy M. Galido said about the acquisition.

The Armor Division will conduct technical inspections of the new vehicles.

The Guarani APC
Developed by Iveco for the Brazilian Army, the Guarani APC is the predecessor of Brazil’s EE-11 Urutu amphibious carrier.

Its main armament is a 30 mm Mk44 Bushmaster II autocannon. It also includes smoke grenade launchers, and infrared, thermal, and night vision electronic sights.

The vehicle also fEATURES either a remote-controlled stabilized REMAX turret, or an armored manual REMAN turret.

The Guarani has an operational range of 370 miles (600 kilometers) and can reach a maximum speed of 68 miles (100 kilometers) per hour with its 383 horsepower Iveco Cursor 9 diesel engine.

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