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Poland OKs New Combat Support Vehicle, Ammunition Contracts for Army

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Poland has approved the acquisition of combat support vehicles and ammunition for the Polish military.

In a recent ceremony, defense minister Mariusz Błaszczak signed contracts with local firm Obrum for 43 MS-20 Daglezja-S bridging vehicles worth 767 million Polish zloty ($179.6 million).

The MS-20 is a modern mobile assault bridge mounted on an armored Jelcz truck chassis and trailer. It is designed to help overcome 20-meter (66-feet) water or terrain gaps.

The combat support vehicles are expected to be delivered by 2028.

In addition, the ministry ordered more 120-millimeter ammunition for RAK self-propelled mortars. The deal builds on an agreement signed in 2021, which has a ceiling value of 256.3 million zloty ($60 million).

Other Contracts

The Polish military will soon have additional Jelcz chassis and wheeled vehicles, on which the elements of the Naval Strike Missile system will reportedly be built.

The contract, worth 470 million zloty ($109.3 million), is expected to be complete by 2029.

Furthermore, the ministry approved the acquisition of six Zawilec command vehicles worth approximately 100 million zloty ($23.2 million).

Developed according to army requirements, the command vehicles feature state-of-the-art components, such as versatile teleinformatics systems designed for processing highly classified information.

They will be used at higher echelons, including brigades and above.

“Things are going very well in the Polish Army,” Błaszczak said. “If we also add the new military units we are building … the result is an assurance of the security of our homeland.”


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