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Poland’s Integrated Battle Command System Achieves Key Milestone

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Poland has declared basic operational capability for its Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS).

The Northrop Grumman system went through integration and testing before achieving the milestone.

It signals progress toward achieving Initial Operational Capability and fielding.

“From the operational and technical point of view, after all, checks were completed during the BOC (basic operational capability) military exercises, we can confirm that all components of the first battery are connected and integrated with each other into one system,” deputy head of Poland’s Armament Agency Brig. Gen. Michał Marciniak said.

“This allows us to take operator training to the next level and achieve IOC (Initial Operational Capability) soon.”

Integrated Battle Command System

The IBCS is a part of Poland’s Wisla medium-range air defense program, including two Patriot Configuration 3+ batteries.

It integrates multiple sensors and weapons onto a common fire control system for quicker decision-making against incoming threats.

Wisla’s Second Phase Approved 

Meanwhile, the US State Department on Monday approved the sale of the IBCS to Poland for the second phase of the Wisla program.

The $4-billion potential sale includes 93 Integrated Air and Missile Defense IBCS engagement operation centers and 175 IBCS integrated fire control network relays.

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