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Rafael Unveils ‘Sky Sonic’ Hypersonic Missile Defense System

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Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has unveiled a new interceptor missile designed to neutralize hypersonic threats.

The “Sky Sonic” air defense system features hit-to-kill technology, intercepting incoming missiles by colliding with them.

It features open architecture to allow smooth integration of future components, enabling maximum flexibility.

According to the Israeli firm, the threats posed by hypersonic missiles have increased the need to develop “proactive” countermeasures.

The company pointed out that, unlike ballistic missiles, hypersonic missiles can change their course mid-flight and travel at incredible speeds while maintaining exceptional accuracy and maneuverability.

“A successful defense against hypersonic threats requires a multifaceted approach that involves not only countering their speed but also effectively tracking, detecting, and intercepting their unpredictable flight paths,” the company stated.

The Sky Sonic interceptor missile will be shown to the public for the first time during the upcoming Paris Air Show next week.

‘A Major Technological Leap’

Rafael explained that the company faced numerous challenges in developing a comprehensive defensive response to hypersonic threats.

The company mentioned difficulties in the interceptor’s detection and tracking capabilities and meeting accurate trajectory prediction demands.

Despite these challenges, the company still calls the milestone a “major technological leap” in hypersonic missile defense.

Sky Sonic can reportedly neutralize threats traveling ten times the speed of sound with unmatched precision and stealth.

Rafael did not provide a timeline for when the armed forces would deploy the missile.

Response to Iran?

Israel unveiled the interceptor a few weeks after its arch-foe Iran said it had developed a ballistic missile that can travel up to 15 times the speed of sound.

With a range of 1,400 kilometers (870 miles), the missile would reportedly boost the country’s “power of deterrence” and “bring peace and stability” in the region.

Iran’s ally Russia is also using air-launched hypersonic Kinzhal missiles in its ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

“Rafael has identified a marked increase and arousing interest in the international arena with proven operational capabilities and a geopolitical reality that has created many opportunities,” company chairman Dr. Yuval Steinitz stated.

“We are following the developments and emerging threats in the current security context and are developing the most advanced defense systems.”

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