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Raytheon Taps Spanish Defense Contractor to Produce Patriot Missile Parts

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Raytheon has awarded Spanish engineering company Sener a contract to manufacture the electro-mechanical control section of the Patriot missile.

The project will produce the actuation capability used to manage the flight control between the interceptor and command centers.

Solutions from this agreement will be integrated into the Patriot’s Guidance Enhanced Missile (GEM-T) variant used by the US military and international allies.

Missile Stockpile for NATO

Raytheon wrote that the partnership supports an ongoing GEM-T contract with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency to supply up to 1,000 missiles for various alliance members, including Spain, the Netherlands, Romania, and Germany.

Signed in January, the $5.5 billion initiative was the organization’s response to Russia’s continuous drone and missile attacks on Ukraine in recent months.

Part of the program will see the construction of a missile factory in Germany that will operate under a joint venture between Raytheon and European defense company MBDA.

“We are delighted to receive Raytheon’s trust in this important contract which consolidates Sener’s role as an international center of excellence in the design and manufacturing of missile actuation and control systems,” Sener Defense General Director Rafael Orbe remarked.

“The Spanish defense industry has high technological capacities, and we are proud to put it at the service of Raytheon, our armed forces, and NATO allies.”

Latest Patriot Projects

Raytheon received a $1.2-billion contract in March to provide Patriot missile systems to Germany.

In 2022, the US awarded Raytheon a $1.2-billion contract to produce Patriot missile fire units for the US Army.

The same year, industry partner Lockheed Martin received $2.4 billion to deliver additional Patriot warheads for the US Army. Simultaneously, the Pentagon agreed to provide major upgrades and sustainment services for Taiwanese Patriot systems.

In 2021, Boeing accepted a $1.1 billion task order to extend Patriot missile seeker production for the US military until 2026.

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