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Report: ATI to Construct Florida Metal 3D Printing Facility for US Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program

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Engineering firm Bechtel Plant Machinery has awarded Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (ATI) a contract to support metal 3D-printed solutions for the US Navy.

Under the contract, ATI will construct a dedicated additive manufacturing facility outside Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The hub is scheduled to operate by 2024.

The effort will address the growing need for advanced additive manufacturing capabilities supporting the “highly engineered solutions” of the US Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.

Producing ‘Robust and Versatile’ Solutions

The site will include ATI’s Additive Manufacturing Products, Specialty Materials, and Forged Products businesses, further expanding the company’s presence in the defense market.

It will leverage the firm’s expertise in large-format 3D printing, machining, heat treating, inspection, and powder alloy solutions.

“With this facility, ATI will maximize its ability to deliver advanced additively manufactured materials and components by turning them into parts that further the defense industry,” ATI Chief Operating Officer and President Kim Fields stated.

“Our customers increasingly require more robust and versatile materials and components, produced in an ecologically sustainable manner. This facility will deliver both.”

“We bring decades of experience delivering solutions that power and protect. We’re well-positioned to deliver the next generation of manufactured components.”

‘Tremendous Advantages’

Once completed, the 3D printing center will support the US Navy in boosting operational readiness, accelerate ship construction, and increase warfighting assets.

“Additive manufacturing offers tremendous advantages to our Program,” Bechtel Plant Machinery General Manager and President Barb Staniscia explained.

“Metal additive manufacturing is driving necessary improvements in lead time, design, and performance for the US Navy.”

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