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Report: Australia deploying surveillance Aircraft to Germany to assist Ukraine

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The Australian government said it would deploy a surveillance aircraft to Germany to help ensure the smooth flow of military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

The move comes as Western nations continue their military donations to the war-torn nation.

Canberra will send an E-7A Wedgetail aircraft and up to 100 Australian ground crew and support personnel for a period of six months.

According to Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, the spy plane will not enter Ukrainian, Russian, or Belarusian airspace.

“This contribution is very significant, both for what it will do but also for what it symbolizes, which is Australia’s commitment to doing what we can to provide the appropriate resources (to Ukraine),” he said.

The E-7A Wedgetail
Based on Boeing’s 737-700 aircraft, the E-7A Wedgetail features a long-range surveillance radar, a secondary radar, and tactical voice and data communications systems to provide airborne early warning and control.

It reportedly provides a comprehensive view of the battlespace, enhancing situational awareness.

The plane can perform long-range intelligence missions due to its in-flight refueling capability.

“The deployment of the E-7A Wedgetail as an additional early warning capability will help ensure that vital support flowing to Ukraine by the international community is protected,” Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles explained.

“Australia is committed to ensuring Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity prevails against Russia’s assault on the rules-based order.”


Abone Ol 

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