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Report: France commits to strengthening its Navy, Air Force, and Army

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In response to rising security concerns and modernisation needs, the country is set to increase its defence budget in the coming years.

France has long been a committed member of NATO and the European Union, with a well-established defence industrial base and a strong emphasis on domestic and European defence firms.

The defence budget is expected to grow from $47.1 billion in 2022 to $57.6 billion by 2028, according to GlobalData’s “France Defence Market 2023-2028“, reflecting the French government’s commitment to strengthening its naval force, air force, and army capabilities.

France’s defence strategy protects its territories, population, and national interests while respecting international security commitments. As such, the armed forces aim to develop operational autonomy, integrate cyber capabilities into all operations, strengthen logistical agility, and exert global leverage across alliances and organizations.

Recently, France announced it would provide tanks, armoured vehicles and training for Ukrainian soldiers in a new wave of military aid as Ukraine prepares for an expected counteroffensive in its fight against a Russian invasion.

The French military has a well-established defence industrial base with sufficient domestic R&D and manufacturing capabilities to supply enough hardware and capabilities for the entire French army.

The French government tends to favour domestic and European defence firms over non-European suppliers, which may impede the entry of non-European defence companies into the French market.

The French government has also introduced additional limitations on foreign-led acquisitions of key suppliers within the domestic defence sector due to concerns over supply chain vulnerabilities and foreign access to sensitive information.

France’s defence industry is supported by several trade associations and defence clusters that work closely with the government to promote collaboration, commercialization, and innovation.

France’s commitment to modernization and addressing security concerns reflects its determination to maintain a strong naval force, air force, and army, ensuring the country’s readiness to face future challenges.

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