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Report: In a 1st, Taiwan to get US funds under Foreign Military Financing

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US military aid, arms sales to Taiwan feed US military-industrial complex, threaten safety of Taiwan compatriots, says Beijing

In an unprecedented move, the US has authorized funding to Taiwan through its Foreign Military Financing program, triggering an angry reaction from China.

Such funds are usually designated for fully sovereign nations and Washington has taken such a decision for the first time in the case of Taiwan.

However, Washington has not clarified whether the funding would be a loan or a grant.

In a written statement to Taiwan’s official Central News Agency, an anonymous US State Department spokesman said: “On August 29, 2023, the Administration notified Congress of its intent to provide Taiwan with $80 million in Foreign Military Financing (FMF) assistance.”

“US military aid and arms sales to Taiwan island feed the US military-industrial complex and threaten the safety and well-being of Taiwan compatriots,” China’s Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said.

“The People’s Liberation Army will take necessary and resolute countermeasures,” said Wu, commenting on Washington’s latest decision on arms supply to Taiwan.

Taiwan, which China claims as its “breakaway province,” has welcomed the move.

The US has yet to clarify which military equipment or systems would be covered by FMF.

“The FMF funds are consistent with the Taiwan Relations Act and the US’ longstanding ‘one China’ policy, which has not changed,” said the US State Department spokesman.

“The United States makes available to Taiwan defense articles and services necessary to enable it to maintain a sufficient self-defense capability. The United States has an abiding interest in peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, which is critical to regional and global security and prosperity,” the US official added.

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