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Report: Israel approves counter-drone system sale for Ukraine

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Israel has approved an export license for the possible sale of a counter-drone system to Ukraine.

Jerusalem approved the license in mid-February while reviewing its policy toward the Ukraine-Russia war, Axios reported, citing sources.

This is the first time Israel has approved a defense export license for a possible weapon sale to Ukraine during its war to repel Russia’s invasion.

Israel had refused to send military equipment to Ukraine, fearing it might impact its coordination with Russia in Syria.

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen notified Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky of the approval during a trip to Kyiv on February 15, the outlet added.

Non-Lethal System

Jerusalem has approved the license for Israeli defense manufacturers Elbit Systems and Rafael.

The companies have proposed selling Ukraine an electronic warfare system capable of jamming and downing a drone up to 25 miles (40 kilometers) away.

Israel officials told Axios that the decision is not a policy shift, as the system is defensive and uses non-lethal methods.

A Ukraine Ministry of Defense delegation recently visited Israel to view a presentation of the system. No deal has been signed yet.

Ukraine’s Priority is Anti-ballistic Missile System

Citing ministry officials, the outlet reported that the ministry is interested in the system.

However, it is seen as “less critical” as Ukraine can intercept Russian drones 75–90 percent of the time.

“What we really need is a defensive system against ballistic missiles,” the outlet quoted a Ukrainian official as saying.

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