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Report: Israel Military using new AI System in Combat Operations

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The Israeli military has started deploying a new artificial intelligence (AI) system to assist in its combat operations, according to a report by Bloomberg.

The AI system is reportedly being used to select targets for airstrikes and create action plans in just a few minutes.

Although the report did not mention specific operations, Jerusalem has been dealing with escalating tensions with Palestinian militants, Lebanon, and Iran.

According to Israeli officials, the military now uses an AI recommendation system to crunch vast amounts of data for faster and better target identification.

It also uses data from other systems to calculate munition loads, assign thousands of targets for friendly aircraft and drones, and propose a schedule.

Despite having autonomous features, the system is still reportedly overseen by human operators who approve individual targets and raid plans.

Developers claimed that the AI system’s advanced algorithms could surpass human capabilities and soon help the military minimize casualties on the battlefield.


Sources admitted to Bloomberg that the cutting-edge AI system is not subject to international or state-level regulation.

It also fuels concerns among military observers about the potential consequences of relying heavily on autonomous systems.

“If there is a mistake in the calculation of the AI, and if the AI is not explainable, then who do we blame for the mistake?” Hebrew University of Jerusalem professor Tal Mimran wondered. “You can wipe out an entire family based on a mistake.”

Becoming AI ‘Superpower’

Earlier this year, the director-general of Israel’s defense ministry said the country wants to parlay its technological prowess and become an AI superpower.

He mentioned the military seeking the ability to strike in swarms, fuse data for faster decision-making, and operate combat systems independently.

“There are those who see AI as the next revolution in changing the face of warfare in the battlefield,” Eyal Zamir said during an annual international security forum.

Jerusalem has already started the process by unveiling an autonomous intelligence-gathering submarine, which has reportedly completed “thousands of hours” of operations.

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