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Report: NATO to test unmanned vehicles, sensors, VR Systems in ‘5G Bubble’

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Latvia has signed a memorandum of understanding with NATO’s Allied Command Transformation (ACT) to test several military systems within a “tactical 5G bubble.”

Scheduled in October, the so-called operational technology exploration aims to evaluate 5G’s ability to provide ultra-reliable and low-latency connections for improved situational awareness on the battlefield.

It will also be used to see if the network can enhance the lethality of troops in future conflicts.

According to the Latvian Ministry of Defense, the trial will see the use of virtual and augmented reality, unmanned vehicles, sensors, and other military applications.

“In signing this agreement, NATO will have the opportunity to validate new concepts and develop requirements in an operational environment that will support NATO’s digital transformation and multi-domain operations ambitions,” ACT official Guy Robinson said.

The experiment will utilize Riga’s 5G test environment for defense innovations at the Ādaži military base.


In preparation for the October event, NATO gathered a team of experts in June to refine potential scenarios and technical execution.

They also visited the Adazi 5G military testbed to inspect all physical infrastructure that could be useful for the upcoming experiment.

Additionally, the team conducted system interconnectivity tests to ensure smooth operation of the “5G bubble.”

In November last year, Latvia also organized a five-day trial involving augmented and virtual reality software integrated with 5G mobile telecommunications technologies.

The experiment allowed operators to grasp technical skills, such as remote piloting of military vehicles and receiving faster infantry support from hundreds of kilometers away.

Abone Ol 

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