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Report: Polish, French defence ministers approve observation satellite deal

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The defence ministers of Poland and France gave the go-ahead in Warsaw on Tuesday to a deal to deliver two observation satellites and a receiving station in Poland.

Poland’s Mariusz Błaszczak met his French counterpart, Sebastien Lecornu for talks in the Polish capital on Tuesday, after which the deal was approved.

The satellites, which will operate within the framework of a Polish-French constellation, will increase the Polish armed forces’ capacity in the field of satellite reconnaissance enabling data to be gained with an image accuracy of up to 30 centimetres as well as Earth imaging to a much wider scope than would be possible for a single country.

“Our cooperation, our agreement approved a moment ago, concerns the acquisition for the Polish Army of two satellites, which we will have under our colours by 2027, when this process ends,” Błaszczak said. “It is extremely important that we will be able to make use of imaging now, from the time of the signing of the deal. The contract, therefore, concerns two satellites but also a terrestrial station in which the pictures to be attained will be processed.”

He added that the satellites to be acquired from France would work together with French satellites, enabling “even greater surveillance effectiveness” and that the deal also concerned bilateral cooperation.

“We are allies, friends,” Błaszczak pointed out. “The historical ties are very long… There is much cooperation between Poland and France, we are in direct contact with the minister.”

The satellite procurement, from Airbus Defence and Space, is valued at about EUR 575 million. From next year, Polish armed forces will have access to data from the Pleiades Neo constellation of satellites.

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