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Report: Raytheon to outfit South Korean FA-50 Jets with PhantomStrike radar

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Raytheon Technologies and Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) have partnered to upgrade the FA-50 light combat aircraft’s radar technology.

Under the collaboration, Raytheon will equip the jet with its proprietary PhantomStrike radars that provide long-range threat identification, tracking, and targeting.

The production will be carried out in the US states of Arizona and Mississippi as well as in Scotland.

The PhantomStrikes will be exported to the South Korean company as direct commercial sales products in partnership with the US government. Delivery is expected in 2025.

‘Unparalleled Performance’

PhantomStrike is a compact active electronically scanned array radar (AESA) with a lighter build that requires less power compared to similar solutions.

Raytheon developed the radar for various defense platforms, including light-attack aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters, and ground-based towers.

“Outfitting the FA-50 with the PhantomStrike radar upgrades the capability of a critical aircraft, providing unparalleled performance in a compact, affordable package,” Raytheon Technologies Global Spectrum Dominance President Annabel Flores stated.

Retaining FA-50 Aerial Dominance

PhantomStrike combines Raytheon’s gallium nitride-powered array and compact high-reliability integrated receiver/exciter processor to obtain features on par with other modern AESA systems.

The approach enables multimode functionality, digital beam forming, steering, and interleaved ground and air targeting.

“Threats on the battlefield always evolve, and PhantomStrike makes it possible for KAI to offer high-performance fire control radar capabilities that can integrate with US and international weapon systems, so FA-50 customers maintain air dominance,” Flores said.

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