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Report: Taiwan Military Mulls Buying Hundreds of Armed Sea Drones

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The Taiwanese military is reportedly considering purchasing hundreds of armed sea drones to prepare for a potential Chinese invasion.

Being developed by the Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, the uncrewed vessels would be equipped with sonar, radar, and weapons to help fend off attacks.

They could also be used for coastal defense missions and detecting enemy submarines and sea mines.

A defense official familiar with the matter told Taipei Times that the Taiwanese military believes the sea drones can counter or slow down Chinese warships approaching the island nation.

Because of their limited operational range, the military is reportedly considering modifying the sea drones or launching them from larger naval vessels in case of an attack.

Around 200 armed sea drones are projected to be procured once mass production begins in 2026.

Learning From Ukraine

Taiwan’s decision to consider acquiring armed sea drones is likely the result of its close monitoring of the situation in Ukraine.

The self-ruled island is apparently learning from Kyiv’s innovative use of unmanned systems to defend its territory from a much larger and more powerful foe.

Last week, seven people died and six more were injured after a Russian patrol ship was hit and sunk by a Ukrainian sea drone.

Ukraine’s intelligence said the attack damaged the vessel’s stern and its right and left sides.

The extensive use of sea drones in Ukraine has reportedly revolutionized naval warfare.

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