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Report: Three Spanish firms team to develop new anti-drone system

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Spanish firms Escribano, Indra, and TRC have signed an agreement to develop a new counter-drone system for the Spanish Armed Forces.

The companies will create a system with radar, optronics, and radio frequency technologies to protect Madrid’s troops during operations.

Additionally, the new capability is expected to have AI-incorporated command and control systems, as well as soft and hard kill actuators.

The agreement will formalize a joint venture between Escribano and Indra, with TRC partnering the latter.

An estimated timeline of the project’s completion has yet to be revealed.

Three Countermeasure Experts

The companies have a shared history of developing counter-drone capabilities for Spain’s armed forces.

Indra’s Crow system, created for the Spanish Air and Space Force, can take down threats in seconds due to its high-precision radar and optoelectronic systems.

Escribano and TRC also collaborated on the development of the Spanish Army’s Cervus counter-unmanned aerial system, showcasing it last year at the International Defence and Security Fair in Madrid.

Internationally, Escribano and Indra also worked together on the EU’s Joint European System for Countering Unmanned Aerial Systems (JEY-CUAS) initiative to create an anti-drone system with a modular and flexible “plug-and-play” architecture.

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