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Report: Ukraine using drones to evacuate wounded soldiers

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The Ukrainian military has resorted to using large cargo drones to evacuate casualties from the frontline, according to a report by The Economist.

Kyiv’s forces have been battling invading Russians since last year, and carrying out medical evacuations has been difficult due to Moscow’s regular artillery strikes.

According to the outlet, Ukraine has deployed unmanned aerial vehicles that carry up to 397 pounds (180 kilograms) more than 43 miles (69 kilometers).

Such a range is reportedly enough to take casualties to a safer place and receive proper medical attention.

However, battlefield medical care expert Tanisha Fazal from the College of Minnesota said that although drones could be used for medical evacuations, they are still vulnerable to sophisticated enemy attacks like helicopters.

The Economist did not specify which drones are being used or how many times Ukraine has used them to transport injured soldiers.

Increasing Casualties

Earlier this year, Reuters reported that as many as 113,500 Ukrainian troops have been wounded since the invasion.

Moscow has seen as many as 180,000 soldiers injured due to Kyiv’s improving counter-offensives.

Wounded Ukrainian military personnel are either treated by frontline medics in Western Ukraine or transported to allied countries by train.

Continuing to Learn

Ukraine’s use of giant drones to evacuate injured soldiers reflects how the country is learning lessons about using new technologies in modern warfare.

The war-torn nation has learned to improvise weapons to counter Russia’s increasing aggression in some strategic locations.

In May, the Ukrainian military was reportedly revamping $300 commercial drones to destroy Russian tanks and trenches.

A video also surfaced showing Kyiv’s forces bundling together six AK-74 assault rifles to neutralize enemy unmanned aerial vehicles.

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