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Report: US Army seeking Lightweight Counter-Mortar radar for Ukraine

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The US Army has contracted New York-based firm SRCTec LLC to manufacture lightweight counter-mortar radar systems for use in Ukraine.

Called the UKR/TPQ-50, the radar system will help Ukrainian warfighters defend against Russian rockets, artillery, and mortars (RAM).

It can detect and track mortars fired from separate locations, sending early warning messages to warfighters.

The UKR/TPQ-50 can pinpoint the mortar launcher’s location and transmit data to friendly artillery or aircraft to return fire.

Valued at $12.1 million, the contract was awarded as part of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative.

SRCTec Radars

SRCTec LCC produces two types of radars: the AN/TPQ-49 for expeditionary forces and the AN/TPQ-50.

Both systems use a non-rotating, electronically steered antenna to provide continuous surveillance and precise RAM locations.

They are designed to cover up to 360 degrees over 200 square miles (518 square kilometers).

“The network-ready systems can be easily integrated with the forward area air defense network and fulfill multiple missions simultaneously,” SRCTec president Mary Pat Hartnett said in 2019.

The AN/TPQ-49 and AN/TPQ-50 can be operated on military vehicles such as Humvees or attached to a tripod for operations on rugged terrain.

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