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Report: US Army Testing Pocket-Sized Drones for Covert Reconnaissance

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The US Army is currently testing the effectiveness of its new pocket-sized drones for covert surveillance and reconnaissance operations.

Soldiers from the New York Army National Guard are acquiring firsthand experience on Black Hornet 3 nano drones – a Teledyne FLIR product small enough to fit in one hand.

With a flight endurance of about 25 minutes, the unmanned aerial system (UAS) can quickly transmit live video and HD still images to operators for enhanced battlefield awareness.

The platform is also difficult to detect because of its low acoustic signature.

Apart from the drones, a standard combat load of the Black Hornet 3 system consists of a controller and extra batteries, which can all easily be carried by a single soldier.

Although the UAS already saw action with special forces in Afghanistan, this is the first time the drones are being used by the national guard.

In the Hands of Every Squad

With its relatively small size, the Black Hornet 3 is suitable for reconnaissance in hostile environments where direct soldier observation could be too risky.

The drone can map the surrounding area without exposing troops, enhancing their survivability and boosting mission outcomes.

It can also be a strategic asset for cavalry scouts, who are the “eyes and ears” on the battlefield.

More training on the nano drones is expected within the US Army, with the ultimate goal of making them a standard piece of equipment for all soldiers.

If the current test is successful, the plan is to soon equip each of the service’s 7,000 squads with the reconnaissance asset.

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