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Report: US Monitoring Potential Deployment of N. Korean Troops in Ukraine

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The US government is closely monitoring the potential deployment of North Korean troops in Ukraine to aid the Russian military.

This comes amid reports that Pyongyang is planning to send military engineering units to Russian-occupied territories for rebuilding work.

These units were previously deployed in China and are often disguised as construction workers, according to an unnamed South Korean official.

North Korean troops could reportedly arrive in Ukraine “as early as next month.”

Apart from Washington, the South Korean foreign ministry said it is also watching for any signs of North Korean troop involvement in the ongoing war.

Sent to Become ‘Cannon Fodder’

Speaking at a press briefing earlier this week, Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder bluntly questioned the “wisdom” behind the potential deployment.

He claimed the move would only send North Korean soldiers to their slaughter just like what happened to many Russian troops.

As of June 2024, Russian military casualties have reportedly surpassed 500,000 and are expected to further increase with the arrival of more Western weapons in Ukraine.

“If I were North Korean military personnel management, I would be questioning my choice of sending my forces to be cannon fodder in an illegal war against Ukraine,” Ryder said.

“We’ve seen the kinds of casualties that Russian forces have taken.”

Part of Defense Pact

Earlier this month, Moscow and Pyongyang signed a defense pact that obligates both countries to defend each other in case of an attack.

“If one of the two sides is placed under war situations due to an armed invasion from an individual country or several nations, the other side provides military and other assistance without delay by mobilizing all means in its possession,” the pact stated.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also affirmed that his government will not rule out supplying North Korea with weapons it needs amid increasing tensions with the US and South Korea.

Pyongyang, meanwhile, appears to be the largest military backer of Moscow amid the ongoing invasion, with 1.6 million artillery shells allegedly delivered since August 2022.

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