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Rheinmetall to Modernize Romanian Air Defense in $362-Million Deal

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Arms manufacturer Rheinmetall has secured a 328-million euro ($362 million) contract with Romania to modernize its air defense artillery systems.

The company will upgrade the country’s Oerlikon GDF 103 anti-aircraft gun, integrating it into its Skynex air defense solution, with four units to be delivered within the next three years.

Training, spare parts, and other logistical services will also be covered by the agreement.

Each of the units will include new fire control systems, 3D radars, twin guns equipped with autoloaders, and two heavy-duty trucks for transport.

The contract is the first-ever major order between Romania and Rheinmetall, who recently opened a weapons hub near the city of Satu Mare.

Bolstering Regional Defense

Rheinmetall AG executive board chairman Armin Papperger states that the contract promotes a more modernized defense force not only for Romania, but also for its allies.

“This substantial first-time order from the Romanian government widens our footprint in Central Europe. It also underscores Rheinmetall’s role as a leading supplier of ground-based air defence systems. Moreover, the order will bolster the defensive capabilities of the EU and NATO on Europe’s eastern flank, something we’re very happy about,” he said.

The company has recently worked with NATO countries to bolster their defenses amid the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war.

Its weapons center in Romania was also established to “play a central role in maintaining the operational readiness of Western combat systems in use in Ukraine and in ensuring their logistical support.”

Abone Ol 

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