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Romania Orders Ukraine-Tested Reconnaissance Drones

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The Romanian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has contracted Germany’s Quantum Systems to deliver its advanced Vector unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

An unspecified number of Vectors will be delivered to the Romanian Armed Forces over a period of 36 months.

The 18.4-million euro ($19.67 million) procurement intends to enhance the Romanian military’s capabilities, with employment expected in a range of operations across the region.

“We are proud to be selected by the Romanian Ministry of Defence to provide our advanced Vector UAS to the Romanian Armed Forces,” Chief Revenue Officer Quantum Systems Sven Kruck said.

“Our collaboration with Romania marks a significant milestone in our mission to support global

defense initiatives with reliable and efficient unmanned aerial solutions.”

‘Superior’ Features

The Vector was chosen due to its “superior range, flight autonomy, sensor quality, and robust warranty terms, along with a competitive pricing structure,” the Munich-based firm explained.

The vertical take-off and landing drone features an endurance of three hours and a flight range of 180 kilometers (112 miles).

Its low noise makes it ideal for covert operations and recent software updates enable it to operate in a global positioning system-denied environment.

Battle Tested 

Over 400 Vectors were delivered to Ukraine over the last two years, helping the Ukrainian military receive advanced battlefield aerial intelligence and situational awareness.

“Since August 2022, Vector demonstrated its unprecedented performance under the most challenging conditions,” Quantum Systems said in 2023.

“Vector has been extensively used and intensively tested on the Ukrainian battlefield, where it has proven to be an asset for military intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations.”

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