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Romania to produce SkyCeptor Interceptor missiles for Patriot

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Romanian state-owned defense firm Romarm and subsidiary Electromecanica Ploiesti have signed an agreement with Raytheon to manufacture SkyCeptor interceptor missiles for the Patriot air defense system.

A variant of the Stunner hit-to-kill missile, the SkyCeptor is an advanced multi-mission interceptor designed for “plug-and-play” insertion into the Patriot or other air defense systems.

It was designed to defeat evolving aerial threats such as short- to medium-range ballistic and cruise missiles.

According to Romanian economy minister Florin Spataru, the agreement is the first step in a long-term strategic partnership between Romarm and Raytheon.

“There are a few more steps we need to take so that production can start as soon as possible,” he said during the signing ceremony. “Production also means investments from the Romanian side…Romania can position itself as a stable, reliable supplier in this field both nationally and at European level.”

The Patriot Missile

The Patriot (Phased Array Tracking Radar to Intercept of Target) missile is a “combat-proven” air defense system for countering tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and advanced aircraft.

The all-weather missile has a range of 70 kilometers (43.4 miles), a maximum altitude of 24 kilometers (14.9 miles), and a flight time of up to three and a half minutes.

The platform is equipped with the AN/MPQ-53 phased-array radar for search, target detection, identification, missile tracking and guidance, and electronic counter-countermeasures.

The system is operational in the US and allied countries, including Greece, Israel, Germany, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and Romania.

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