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Russia preparing new missile and drone attack in search of Ukraine’s air defense systems

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Russia may be preparing a new missile and drone attack, Operational Command South spokesperson Natalia Humeniuk said on Ukrainian national television.

The invaders continue to “maneuver persistently” in the Black Sea, constantly moving missile carriers, Humeniuk said.

Their number increased to four during the day on May 30, and one was brought closer to the base in the evening. As of 6.30 p.m., the cumulative missile salvo could potentially reach 16, including one surface and two underwater missile carriers, Humeniuk said.

Launches from submarines are somewhat more difficult to detect, said Humeniuk. She believes that “the enemy may be preparing a stealthy attack using mixed types of ammunition,” such as drones and missiles.

“It is quite probable that maritime-based missiles will now be employed, as they have refrained from using sea-based missile carriers for a considerable time. Presumably, they have somehow orchestrated the situation for future attacks,” Humeniuk said.

She acknowledged the potential involvement of hostile aviation, saying that the Russians actively attempt to locate and bypass anti-aircraft defense systems to strike. She emphasized the need to be prepared for these developments.

The enemy employs wave-like attacks and various types of weaponry to identify Ukraine’s air defense capabilities, she said.

“The first wave identifies the locations of the air defense systems, and the second wave is capable of directly targeting the anti-aircraft defense systems. The utilization of both drones and missiles necessitates the implementation of various countermeasures, including mobile firing groups, anti-aircraft installations, and assistance from partner forces. This is the objective of the enemy,” she said while underscoring the importance of not filming or publicly sharing the operation of air defense systems.

Since the beginning of May, Russian invaders have carried out 17 mass strikes on Kyiv using missiles and kamikaze drones. Most of the attacks occurred at night, but on May 29, the invaders altered their tactics and conducted a noon strike on Kyiv using Iskander ballistic missiles.

During the night of May 30, Russia launched its third mass attack on Kyiv within a single day. The air defense forces successfully intercepted and shot down 29 out of 31 Iranian Shahed kamikaze drones, with most falling over the capital.

Debris from the intercepted drones fell in various districts of Kyiv, resulting in a multi-story residential building in the Holosiivskyi district catching fire. The fire engulfed two floors, leading to the evacuation of over 20 people. Overall, there was one fatality and 11 injuries in Kyiv.

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