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Russia sees Greece supplying Ukraine with S-300s as ‘hostility’

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‘There is complete indifference on part of Greece to international restrictions on arms trade,’ says Foreign Ministry

Russia sees Greece supplying Ukraine with S-300 air defense systems as a “hostile” action towards Moscow, a government official said on Monday.

“We consider provocative plans to supply the Kyiv regime with S-300 and other air defense systems of the Russian (or) Soviet type as being openly hostile to Russia,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a written statement.

She pointed out that Athens has been declaring its readiness to send S-300s from Crete to Ukraine. Zakharova claimed that Greece is not concerned about the risks of being “a direct accomplice” of Ukraine in the war with Russia.

“There is a complete indifference on the part of the Greek side to international restrictions on the arms trade,” she further said, adding that all military equipment sent to Ukraine will be tracked and destroyed by the Russian military.

US, Russia on brink of direct confrontation, says Russia

Separately, Zakharova said the US’ “dangerous and short-sighted policy” puts Moscow and Washington on the brink of a direct confrontation.

“It was the desire of the US to maintain American hegemony at all costs, ignoring the new geopolitical realities, as well as the arrogant unwillingness to conduct a serious dialogue on security guarantees that led to a natural result,” she added.

The spokeswoman also said the US is being increasingly drawn into a new conflict due to its military support of Ukraine and its growing military presence in the globe.

Moscow urges the US administration to not escalate the situation further, Zakharova said.

“Russia is interested in reducing tensions and agreeing on the principles of peaceful coexistence based on strict reciprocity. We do not refuse to communicate with the US at various levels, but for at least minimal progress, we need a counter movement that requires political will, an open mind and a willingness to agree on – honestly, without a double bottom,” she added.

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