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Russia showcases its upgraded Typhoon-K armoured vehicle

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Russian state media have shared images of the latest version of the Typhoon-K armoured vehicle.

The latest upgrade for the K-53949 Typhoon-K armoured personnel carrier received a new design of hull and equipped with net armor similar to the T-90M main battle tank.

The net armor is designed to improve its defenses against rocket-propelled grenades. It uses metal nodes connecting the net to disrupt the fusing of the warhead.

The new improvements reportedly were based on lessons learned during the first phase of Russia’s full-on invasion of Ukraine, when Russian troops lost at least eight K-53949 Typhoon-K vehicles of first modification and eleven Linza armored ambulances based on K-53949 chassis.

The K-53949 is a Russian-made modern 4×4 mine-protected armoured vehicle designed for safely transport troops and military cargoes in mine-inflated zones.

The vehicle is a special-purpose mine-resistant armoured wheeled vehicle with a combat weight of 15 tons. The vehicle accommodates two crew members and eight fully equipped troops. Its 350 hp engine produces a maximum road speed of 105 km/h. The hull features four side doors and a rear door.

According to Russia’s state-run arms broker Rosoboronexport website, the K-53949 is a highly-protected armoured vehicle with outstanding cross-country performance.

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