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Russia tests new BTR-22 armored vehicle

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Russia is conducting trials of a locally built BTR-22 wheeled armored vehicle in hopes of developing a family of vehicles to replace the aging BTR-82s.

The new BTR-22 armored personnel carrier is being developed as the next generation to replace the outdated wheeled BTR-82. Its main difference from the Soviet-era BTR-60/70/80 and 82 family is a radical redesign of the hull, with the relocation of the engine compartment to the front and the presence of doors for troop entry and exit at the rear.

The dimensions of the BTR-22 are as follows: length – 7,560 mm, width – 2,985 mm, height – 3,020 mm, and ground clearance – 475 mm.

Similar to the BTR-82, the new armored personnel carrier is equipped with an automatic 30mm cannon 2A72, capable of firing at a rate of up to 330 rounds per minute. It also features a 7.62mm PKTM machine gun.

The combined PNK sight is equipped with a thermal imaging channel and a laser rangefinder. Provision is made for installing an unmanned gun-missile module.

The armor has been reinforced, including improved anti-mine protection. The total weight is 20,000 kg. It has a capacity for ten military personnel.

It is expected that the BTR-22 will serve as a cost-effective replacement for the outdated Soviet armored personnel carriers.

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