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Russia to participate in CSTO alliance’s military drills in Armenia

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Moscow will also host 8 bilateral military exercises in 2023, says Defense Ministry

Russian forces will take part in a military exercise of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in Armenia this year, the Russian Defense Ministry announced.

Russia will be among the CSTO peacekeeping contingents involved in the ‘Indestructible Brotherhood-2023’ exercise in Armenia, the ministry said in a statement on Sunday,

Moscow leads the CSTO, an intergovernmental military alliance of six post-Soviet states: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Tajikistan.

For 2023, Russia will host eight bilateral military drills with India, Laos, Pakistan, Algeria, Mongolia, Vietnam, Shanghai Cooperation Organization members, and the CSTO’s Collective Rapid Deployment Forces.

The Defense Ministry did not give any dates for the exercises.

The drills will focus on planning, communication, and tactical maneuvers against “illegal armed formations,” it added.

“All maneuvers will be peacekeeping and anti-terrorist,” the statement concluded.

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