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Russia Unveils Counter-Drone System for Tank Protection

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Russia displayed a counter-drone system to protect tanks at the recent International Military-Technical Forum-2023 near Moscow.

St. Petersburg-based drone manufacturer PPSH Laboratory has developed the Triton electronic defense system to protect tanks from FPV (First-Person-View) drones, RIA Novosti reported.

An FPV drone is a remotely piloted unmanned aircraft equipped with a camera that broadcasts live images to the controller.

Armed with explosives, the drone’s combat version is capable of damaging or destroying armored vehicles, including main battle tanks.

How it Works

“The product is designed to suppress the control channels and data transmission of FPV drones,” the state-owned Russian outlet wrote citing the system’s description.

The system operates on four frequency bands: 868, 915, 1300, and 2400 MHz, and can be powered by battery or through the tank’s onboard network, the outlet added.

The system can also be remotely controlled.

Strong Demand for Ukraine War

The Russian military has seen a “dramatic” increase in demand for Triton-like systems due to the “extensive” use of armed FPV drones in the Ukraine war, the outlet wrote, acknowledging that Russian tanks currently lack protection against such drones.

Ukraine has deployed a multitude of drones to blunt Russia’s numerical military advantage in the ongoing war, including RPG round-strapped quadcopters.

Citing battlefield footage and images, The Eurasian Times reported multiple instances of Ukraine-operated FPV drones striking Russian armored vehicles.

Some of the drones appear to have been strapped with RPG-7 and PG-7VL rounds.

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