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Russia Unveils Upgraded Drone Jammer

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Russian firm PPSh Laboratory has unveiled an electronic warfare gun capable of jamming “American unmanned aerial vehicles,” state-owned TASS revealed.

The Saint Petersburg-based company is testing the LPD-802 gun, an upgrade on the LPD-801 being used in the Ukraine conflict.

The company unveiled the LPD-801 in 2021. The counter-drone device jams “drone control channels and navigational signals, in particular, disabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, Galileo and Glonass satellite system signals and quashing unauthorized data transmission.”

Greater Jamming Power, Endurance

Compared to its predecessor, the LPD-802 features an additional jamming frequency band, enabling the suppression of satellite navigation channels.

Moreover, the LPD-802 can operate in both automatic and manual modes and features greater battery storage, providing uninterrupted operation of around 60 minutes.

Additional Features

The device is designed like a standard magazine carbine, featuring an antenna in place of a barrel and battery storage in place of a magazine.

The 3.5-kilogram (7.71-pound) anti-drone gun can jam a target from a distance of up to 1.5 kilometers (0.93 miles), emitting radiation of up to 10 watts.

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