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Russia unveils upgraded T-90M tank with enhanced features

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Uralvagonzavod, a subsidiary of the Rostec corporation, recently released a video showcasing the latest upgrades to the T-90M “Proryv” tank.

The press services of Uralvagonzavod claimed that the new configuration of the T-90M tank has enhanced capabilities, highlighting its agility and speed compared to its counterparts.

The updated T-90M tank has undergone modifications based on real-world combat experience, including the war in Ukraine. These adaptations include the addition of dynamic protection over the tank’s tracks, the lower front section, and the rear of the hull. Notably, the configuration of the rooftop placement of this defense mechanism has also been optimized for maximum effectiveness.

One crucial change involves replacing the dynamic armor in the tank’s “soft hull” with blocks housed in more robust containers. This transformation will enhance the tank’s overall durability in combat scenarios.

The T-90M is a product of the Ural Transport Machine Design Bureau, a part of the Uralvagonzavod Corporation, which falls under the Rostec State Corporation. This latest iteration represents the most advanced vehicle within the T-90 family, tailored for modern combat conditions. Notable features include all-round protection, a sophisticated automated fire control system, and measures aimed at increasing the tank’s survivability.

The T-90M boasts a substantial improvement in combat effectiveness compared to its predecessor, the T-90. However, it still retains a design flaw present in many Russian tanks – the placement of the main gun ammunition directly beneath the turret. In case of an enemy hit to a vulnerable area, such as the upper portion of the tank with thinner armor, the ammunition ring could potentially detonate, triggering a catastrophic chain reaction that endangers the crew and separates the turret from the tank’s body.

The initial batch of serial T-90M tanks entered service with Russian forces in the spring of 2020. The T-90 itself represents an evolution of the Cold War-era T-72 tank, demonstrating Russia’s commitment to modernizing its armored warfare capabilities.

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