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Russia uses next-gen missile to strike Ukrainian targets

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The remains of a Grom (Thunder) precision-guided glider weapon system have been filmed, apparently found in a field in or near the Ukrainian position.

According to Defense Express, Ukrainian Soldiers have released a short video on the social media platform, showing what appears to be the wreckage of a new Grom-E1 guided air-to-surface weapon system.

The newly emerged footage shows what appears to be a portion of the body of the missile and pop-out wing giving it a limited ability to glide to its designated target.

The Grom-E1 is an air-to-surface guided missile weapon system designed to destroy a wide range of ground targets with previously reconnoitered coordinates.

The Grom high-precision munitions are based on the Kh-38ME multi-purpose guided missile, have a modular construction scheme and are maximally unified with each other.

Russian state media said that the Grom-E1 missile weighs 594 kg, is 4.2 m in length, 0.31 m in diameter, and has a wingspan of 1.9 m. It is provided with inertial navigation system and satellite guidance.

The Grom system was developed by the Tactical Missiles Corporation and is part of the armament of combat aircraft such as MiG-35, Su-34, Su-35, Su-57 and helicopters. The complex was first demonstrated at the international air show MAKS-2015.

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