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Russian Aerospace Forces receive modernized MiG-31

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The Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation received a batch of refurbished and modernized MiG-31M interceptors.

This was reported by the official website of Rostec.

Refurbishment and modernization were conducted at the Sokol Aviation Plant of the United Aircraft Corporation in Nizhny Novgorod.

Currently, the transferred aircraft are located on home airbases.

The upgrade did not affect flight performance, but improved the ability to detect and destroy targets.

The aircraft also has an improved ability to fire a R-37M missile, and it can be adjusted during flight.

The aircraft received a repaired Zaslon-M radar and other sensors. According to the corporation, the repair of aircraft of this type will continue in the future.

In addition, some of the modernized MiG-31M aircraft will become carriers of 30P6 “Kontakt” anti-satellite missiles. According to reports from some sources, the missile will be equipped with a 500 kg warhead.

As Militarnyi reported previously, in July 2023, a MiG-31М of the Russian Aerospace Forces crashed in Kamchatka.

The aircraft disappeared from radar during the training flight and was without ammunition.

This is not the first disaster with the Russian MiG-31М in 2023.

In April, 2023, a MiG-31М crashed in the Murmansk region of Russia. It was from the 98th Separate Mixed Aviation Regiment of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.

During the flight, a large fire occurred on the fighter plane, which led to the crash of the aircraft.

Also in January, one of the Russian fighters during a combat mission in Belarus caught fire as a result of an engine stall.

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