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Russian deploys fighter jet to intercept US UAV above Black Sea

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Fighter jet did not allow ‘any violation of the Russian Federation’s state border,’ says Defense Ministry

The Russian Defense Ministry said Saturday it deployed a Su-30 fighter jet after it detected a MQ-9A Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from the US approaching the above the Black Sea.

To identify the target and prevent any violations of state borders, the Russian Aerospace Forces launched the Su-30 fighter aircraft for air defense duties.

“The crew of the Russian fighter aircraft identified the airborne target as an MQ-9A Reaper reconnaissance UAV belonging to the United States Air Force,” it said.

After the approach of the Russian aircraft, the UAV reportedly retreated from the border.

“The Russian fighter aircraft safely returned to its base, not allowing any violation of the Russian Federation’s state border. The flight of the Russian aircraft was conducted in compliance with international rules governing the use of neutral waters in the airspace,” it added.

– Russian aircraft caused crash of US UAV in Black Sea through harassment

On March 14, the US European Command (EUCOM) announced that two Russian Su-27 aircraft harassed a US MQ-9 UAV above the Black Sea, and the MQ-9 crashed into international waters.

The Russian Defense Ministry had previously said the US MQ-9 UAV violated the temporary restricted area notified to all airspace users due to Ukraine’s “special military operation,” which was in accordance with international standards.

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