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Saab Introduces Seabed Warfare Solutions

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Swedish defense firm Saab has introduced cutting-edge solutions for potential future battles at the bottom of the ocean – or seabed warfare.

The company presented its autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) during the recently-concluded Euronaval exhibition in Paris.

According to Saab sales manager Chris Lade, seabed warfare is not a new point of concern for the military.

However, he said that defense firms must consider the rapid changes occurring in underwater technology.

“Today there are communications networks, pipelines, power cables, and the threat against them is real,” Lade said, according to Breaking Defense.

Saab manufactures various underwater systems, such as the Double Eagle mine disposal system and the Sea Wasp ROV to neutralize underwater improvised explosive devices.


Lade explained that there are several challenges in developing and operating equipment for underwater operations.

One of them is the seabed pressure, which can reach 614 kilograms per square centimeter or 8,733 pounds per square inch.

Companies will also encounter problems transmitting data to and from the system deep underwater.

“Currents, because systems won’t stay put. Acoustics, used in sonars, change according to salinity and depth. Visibility, which can be good or very poor, and of course weather which is a major factor,” Lade said.

Abone Ol 

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