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Saab to Establish Carl-Gustaf Rifle Production Facility in India

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Swedish defense firm Saab announced Tuesday that it would set up a new production facility for the Carl-Gustaf M4 rifle in India.

The initiative seeks to bolster arms production in the country and provide the necessary support to the Indian Army and other military customers worldwide.

According to the company, the new facility will employ complex technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques for the state-of-the-art Carl-Gustaf system.

It would also contribute to New Delhi’s vision of having a “world-class” defense industry.

“It is a natural step to set up a production facility for Carl-Gustaf M4 in India given the long and close association we have with the Indian Army as one of the foremost users of the system,” Saab official Görgen Johansson said.

Arms production at the new facility is expected to begin in 2024.

Once the facility is established, Saab will partner with various Indian defense firms to fully meet the requirements of the “Make in India” program.

Meeting Demand

Saab’s decision to set up a new manufacturing facility in India comes as the company vowed to boost capacity to meet rising demand.

A report by Reuters noted that there has been increased interest in the Carl-Gustaf weapon system since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

A man-portable weapon system, the Carl-Gustaf M4 recoilless rifle can be used against enemy armored vehicles and concrete infrastructure.

It can also be deployed in anti-insurgency missions and force-on-force conflicts in urban or complex combat environments.

“Saab is committed to ongoing innovative development of the Carl-Gustaf system to ensure your troops remain highly agile and always one step ahead of the enemy,” the company stated.

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