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Satellite images show new Russian military facility in Mariupol

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Russia has constructed a large military facility in the captured Ukrainian city of Mariupol, satellite images from Earth observation firm Maxar show.

A U-shaped compound can be seen near the center of the occupied city, with markings of a red, white, and blue star symbolizing the Russian Army.

The facility also bears the message, “From Russian Army for Mariupol citizens.”

Maxar Technologies claimed in a social media post that the new compound is being used for weapons storage.

“In Mariupol, a Russian military compound has been recently built in the north-center of the city. Notice the Russian Army slogan on the top of the roof,” the firm wrote.

The satellite images were uploaded amid reports that Moscow is building up its defensive positions in the captured city.

Russia appears to be preparing for increased Ukrainian counter-offensives in the southern and eastern part of the country.

Rebuilding Mariupol

Mariupol has apparently suffered from a barrage of Russian attacks since its invasion began on February 24.

Capturing the city is strategically significant for Moscow because it connects Russia to annexed Crimea.

According to Ukrainian intelligence reports, around 90 percent of the city’s infrastructure was destroyed by Russian strikes.

Earlier this year, a senior Russian official outlined plans to rebuild Mariupol as part of efforts to gain more support in Ukrainian regions.

“The first residential buildings will be standing by September. We will already have the first hospitals, and will build a center of the emergency ministry,” Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin told RBC TV channel.

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