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Slovenia Buys Two German IRIS-T SLM Air Defense Systems

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Slovenia has signed a deal to purchase IRIS-T SLM air defense systems from Germany.

The country is reportedly purchasing two of the systems, Slovenian newspaper Delo reported in June. The capabilities are estimated to be worth 200 million euros ($219 million).

Manufactured by Diehl Defence, the IRIS-T is a medium-range, surface-launched homing missile system with a 40-kilometer (25 miles) range and 20-kilometer (12.4 miles) maximum altitude.

The contract is in accordance with the European Sky Shield Initiative (ESSI), a multinational project that seeks to build a unified air defense system in Europe capable of intercepting ballistic missiles.

Latvia, Estonia, and Norway round out the group of ESSI members currently utilizing the IRIS-T.

IRIS-T’s Tactical Prowess

The air defense system has seen use in warfare, utilized in Ukraine as a major capability against airborne Russian targets. Its delivery was facilitated by Germany as part of its military aid to the country in 2022.

Initially developed as an air-to-air capability, its surface-to-air rework was adapted as Germany’s Tactical Air Defense System.

The IRIS-T SLM can be integrated with various guidance systems, including Thales’ Ground Master equipment and Saab’s Giraffe Radar.

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