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Spain Announces Additional Hawk Air Defense Systems for Ukraine

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Spain will deliver six additional Hawk air defense systems to Ukraine to help it fend off Russian attacks.

Madrid announced the decision following a meeting between Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“The Government of Spain will make 6 Hawk launchers available to Ukraine to face possible Russian bombings against civilian targets and critical infrastructure, as well as for the defense of the new grain corridor,” a Spanish government statement read.

Additional assistance includes specialized training to operate the systems and demining equipment.

Spain last year delivered four Hawks to Ukraine and pledged to donate more.

The US has delivered missiles for the systems deployed in Ukraine and has reportedly urged Israel to consider providing Hawks to Ukraine.

Hawk System

The Raytheon MIM-23 Hawk first entered service in the US Army in 1959.

It underwent its first major upgrade in the 1970s and was replaced with the Patriot in 1994.

It remained in service with the US Marine Corps until 2002 when it was replaced with the man-portable short-range FIM-92 Stinger.


It features a range of 28 to 31 miles (45 to 50 kilometers) and a service ceiling of 65,000 feet (20,000 meters).

It has a speed of Mach 2.4 and a payload of 119 pounds (54 kg) blast fragmentation warhead.

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