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Spain demonstrates ‘Crow’ Anti-Drone system

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Spanish defense firm Indra demonstrated its “Crow” counter-drone system during an unmanned vehicle exhibition in Seville.

During the event, two small drones simulated unauthorized entry into an airbase, risking the safety of Spanish Air Force operations.

The country’s air and space force were able to detect, analyze, and neutralize the threat “in a matter of seconds” with the help of the cutting-edge anti-drone system.

According to Indra, the anti-drone system utilized its high-precision radar and optoelectronic systems to immediately detect the intrusion and establish visual contact to confirm the threat.

The system’s electronic defense antennas also scanned the radio spectrum to determine the kind of link the drones were using.

Indra’s advanced algorithm used all data collected by the radar to cross-check the kind of drone it was dealing with and how to neutralize it.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Indra counter-drone system manager Juan López explained that sophisticated drones are now being used to cause as much damage as possible to enemy forces or assets.

To address such a threat, armed forces need a fully reliable and effective system such as the Crow anti-drone system.

The Crow is capable of jamming and completely blocking enemy aircraft communication links and positioning systems, forcing them to land and cease operations.

“Indra boasts one of the most advanced and effective solutions available to protect airports, critical infrastructures, government buildings, and military deployments,” according to a company statement.

“Crow is one of the few systems that has already proven its efficacy in real operations: it has protected Spanish soldiers’ deployment at Nigeria and also the landings of presidents and prime ministers.”

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