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Spain’s “Eurofighter” jets are deployed to Bulgaria

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Spanish “Eurofighter” jets are coming to Bulgaria in the middle of the month. Together with the Bulgarian Air Force, they will participate in a joint mission to protect our airspace.

After Bulgaria’s announcement about the arrival of the planes, the Spanish Ministry of Defense specified that the six Eurofighter fighters will arrive in Bulgaria between mid-November and early December. The planes will also carry 130 military personnel who will perform “air policing training missions.”

In October, the Bulgarian government allowed the participation of up to 8 fighter jets, as the Acting Minister of Defense Dimitar Stoyanov specified:

“They will stay until December 23rd. It’s a joint airspace security duty carry. It’s not just a Spanish Air Force.”

It is not the first time that fighter jets from NATO countries assist in airspace security.

In February and March, four Spanish fighter jets took part in the general protection of the airspace. In mid-April, four of the most modern fighter jets – F-35 of the Netherlands – were in Bulgaria. An American F-35 fighter jet was in Bulgaria for the same mission. But the military department explained then that the fighter will not be in our country permanently, but will participate in the mission from bases in neighboring countries. Greece and Romania have also participated over the years. But the general mission of NATO aircraft in our country became more frequent after the start of the war in Ukraine.

The announcement of the Spanish mission also comes against the background of warnings that from 2023 Bulgaria may be left without military aviation. The use of the MiG-29 is limited until the end of 2023, the military warned. The new F-16s are not expected to arrive before 2027-2030. There is no solution for the so-called replacement fighters.

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