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Storm Shadow’s AI solution could soon be integrated into other weapons

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The artificial intelligence (AI) solution on the British Storm Shadow missile could soon be integrated into other weapons systems to enhance their anti-jamming capabilities.

Romanian firm OVES Enterprise said its Storm Shadow AI (SSAI) has caught the attention of major missile manufacturers after seeing its success in Ukraine.

The solution uses visual recognition and other advanced identification methods to allow weapons to autonomously find and destroy targets regardless of enemy jamming.

It also reportedly provides an additional level of safety and efficiency for a wide range of weapons systems, making it a viable solution for defense contractors.

“We are currently in advanced discussions with missile manufacturers who want to integrate Storm Shadow AI into their weaponry,” company official Mihai Filip said.

Potential Recipients

The SSAI can be integrated into modern weapons such as the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) and Excalibur guided shells.

These weapons heavily rely on GPS, making them vulnerable in electronic warfare environments.

Last month, a classified Ukrainian weapons assessment revealed that the HIMARS and Excalibur have been “completely ineffective” on the battlefield due to persistent Russian jamming.

On the other hand, the UK-made Storm Shadow missile had seen a 100-percent success rate against Russian targets in one period of the war.

If integrated, the SSAI can eliminate the dependence of these weapons on GPS as it only uses visual, thermal, and radio recognition.

“In this context, SSAI proves to be an innovative solution that can offer precise targeting and striking capabilities at a low cost,” Filip noted. “Integrating this solution ensures that military equipment remains operational and efficient, even in the most challenging jamming conditions.”

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