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Sweden willing to provide more anti-aircraft systems and missiles to Ukraine

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Sweden is focused on sending more Sweden-made air defense systems and missiles to Ukraine.

Pål Jonson, Minister of Defence of Sweden, told this reporters before a meeting of European Union foreign ministers in Luxembourg on April 22.

“We pay great attention to RBS-70, our air defense systems […] We will consider increasing the number of RBS-70 and AMRAAM missiles,” Jonson said.

According to him, Sweden is also “financially ready” to contribute to Germany’s air defense initiative. Though Sweden also has Patriot air defense systems and doesn’t rule out sending any of them, the German initiative seems to be a more favourable option for the Swedish government.

The RBS-70 air defense systems and RBS-70 and AMRAAM missiles will be a part of the recent aid package for Ukraine, approved by the Swedish Parliament last month.

“We have the biggest support package adopted by the Swedish Parliament last month that included more than €650 million and focused on air defense systems and artillery shells, so they are being delivered as we speak. We have to step up, this is absolutely crucial […] We need to support the Ukrainians here and now,” said the head of the Swedish Defense Ministry.

Today in Luxembourg, the ministers of foreign affairs and ministers of defense of the EU meet to make specific decisions which will help bolster Ukraine’s air defense capabilities.

Abone Ol 

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Abone Ol 
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