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Swedish Military Procures THeMIS Cargo UGV for Trials

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Sweden has purchased a Milrem Robotics THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) for trials.

A trio of Swedish services will run tests on THeMIS Cargo: the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, the Swedish Defence Research Agency, and the Swedish Armed Forces.

The cargo version is equipped with Milrem’s intelligent functions kit called MIFIK, enabling autonomous mobility.

Modular System

Apart from delivering supplies, the platform can be integrated with third-party technology modules for casualty evacuation, reconnaissance, and combat missions.

The integration requires rigorous training of operators to ensure seamless operations and vehicle maintenance.

Additionally, Milrem will provide continuous support and updates to keep the platform technologically advanced.

“We are proud to welcome Sweden as the latest user of the THeMIS UGV,” Milrem Robotics Sweden managing director Sverker Svardby said.

“Our collaboration will ensure that the Swedish forces are equipped with the most advanced robotic systems available, enhancing their operational effectiveness.”

THeMIS Cargo

The THeMIS Cargo features a maximum speed of 20 kilometers (12 miles) per hour and a towing speed of 80 kilometers (50 miles) per hour.

The UGV has a 0-meter turning radius, enabling maneuverability in narrow settings.

The 1,650-kilogram (3,630-pound) UGV has a payload capacity of 1,200 kilograms (2,640 pounds).

It features a diesel-electric hybrid drive train that enables low fuel consumption and reduced life cycle cost.

Its endurance in hybrid mode is 15 hours, which gets reduced to 1.5 hours in electric mode.

Abone Ol 

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