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Taiwan Lawmaker: Taiwan’s missiles can hit Beijing

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You Si-kun says Yun Feng supersonic missile can reach Beijing if China attacks

Democratic Progressive Party Legislative Speaker You Si-Kun on Sunday (June 12) warned China to “think twice” before invading Taiwan because it has missiles that can reach Beijing.

While delivering a keynote speech via video on the Taiwan website on Sunday, You said that the Russo-Ukrainian war has taught Taiwan that it cannot assume that the enemy will not attack and must be prepared in advance. He warned that China has become a hegemonic power in the Indo-Pacific that wants to invade Taiwan, and Taiwanese people should not presume that China will not dare to fire the first shots.

You warned that China will not give up its aggression against Taiwan, and democracies around the world should help Taiwan defend itself. There must be “strategic clarity” to let China know that war will be very costly, said You.

Once war starts, China will become enemies with the U.S., Japan, Australia, and other countries, asserted You. To dissuade China from the idea of taking military action against Taiwan, You said that Taiwan must be prepared and cannot solely rely on other countries.

He pointed out that Taiwan’s defensive advantage is the naturally treacherous Taiwan Strait. The CCP must cross the strait if it wants to attack Taiwan, said You.

The legislative speaker said that when the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) tries to cross the Taiwan Strait, its naval vessels will be sunk by anti-ship missiles and Hsiung Feng III Brave Wind III) missiles. When PLA troops land, there will be a decisive battle to prevent them from setting up a beachhead, argued You.

If the landing is successful, You said that everyone in Taiwan must show the same determination as the Ukrainians, and be willing to die. In the future, if the PLA forces attack, “we will never allow China to swallow Taiwan,” vowed You.

You emphasized that when he was premier, he was aware that the Taiwan-made Yun Feng supersonic land-attack cruise missile was capable of striking Beijing, but he was not permitted to reveal this to the public. He said that the Yun Feng has now been mass-produced.

He noted that unlike Chiang Kai-shek , who wanted to stage an invasion of China from Taiwan, the current Taiwan government would not take the initiative to attack Beijing or the Three Gorges Dam. However, before Beijing considers attacking Taiwan, You said that it must consider the fact that Taiwan already has the ability to attack Beijing and that there will be a price to pay for an invasion.

On the other hand, You noted that Taiwan’s will to defend itself is often questioned. He observed that there is a shortage of troops in the recruitment system and that the designated term for Taiwan’s compulsory service is too short at only four months.

In contrast, Singapore’s compulsory service period is 24 months, South Korea’s is 18 to 23 months, and Finland’s is 12 months, said You. He then highlighted a Wall Street Journal report published in October of last year that questioned military preparedness and cited one former soldier as saying that his four months of military training mainly consisted of sweeping leaves, moving spare tires, and pulling weeds.

The legislative speaker recognized that other major political parties such as the Kuomintang, Taiwan People’s Party, and New Power Party tend to focus on domestic issues and have differing opinions on Taiwan’s national identity. He added that there is also a rift between Blue and Green camps.

You then warned that no matter how good the weapons and geographical advantages of Taiwan are, if it does not have the will to defend itself, “they are useless.” He concluded that the most important lesson from the Russo-Ukrainian war is “self-help.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky did not accept offers to flee into exile and instead led the Ukrainians to resist aggression “and then the world’s aid started to pour in,” said You.

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