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Taiwan to simulate Chinese attacks on Taipei Harbor

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The Taiwanese military will conduct a simulation of potential Chinese aerial attacks on some of Taipei’s critical infrastructure.

The drill is part of the annual Han Kuang exercise to test the armed forces’ combat readiness for an attack by China.

It will feature simulated Chinese forces attacking with combat jets and helicopters while the Taiwanese military stages counter-attacks.

The simulation will reportedly target Taipei Harbor and the Tamsui River since Chinese forces could use them to unload military equipment once captured.

Another source said that if Chinese forces take the mouth of the Tamsui River, they could quickly advance toward the headquarters of Taiwan’s major political institutions and head straight to the north.

The Han Kuang Exercise
First held in 1984, the annual Han Kuang exercise is considered the Taiwanese armed forces’ “most important” military drill.

It is designed to improve the military’s capability to engage in asymmetric, information, and electronic warfare.

It mobilizes reserve forces to enhance the country’s overall defense readiness amid increasing pressure from Beijing.

In addition to simulating Chinese aerial attacks, this year’s exercise will focus on eliminating invading forces at sea using a wide range of weapons systems.

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