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Taiwan Unveils New Eight-Wheeled Fighting Vehicle Prototype

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Taiwan has unveiled a prototype of its new eight-wheeled infantry fighting vehicle featuring a 105-millimeter assault gun.

Presented to the media at a military facility in central Taiwan, the new armored vehicle belongs to the Clouded Leopard family and is said to have an attack efficiency comparable to that of the US-made M1A2T Abrams main battle tank.

It can reach speeds of more than 100 kilometers (62 miles) per hour with a four-person crew.

The vehicle can make sharp turns and smoothly navigate forward and side slopes up to 26 degrees as demonstrated during the unveiling.

The state-owned National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) helmed the development.

‘Hunter-Killer Capability’

The prototype was built as part of the defense ministry’s efforts to develop armed vehicles with high combat ability and maneuverability.

This is in anticipation of a potential Chinese invasion, in which Taiwanese soldiers will need to be deployed as swiftly as possible.

The indigenous vehicle boasts so-called “hunter-killer” capability, meaning it can engage a target and simultaneously track another.

Its turret can also fire up to 1,000 rounds before needing to be replaced.

The NCSIST said more than 80 percent of the vehicle’s parts are made in Taiwan, excluding the engine.

Taiwan plans to further improve the prototype, including upgrading its gun turret and lowering its height, before final testing and mass production next year.

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